COVID-19 Back-to-School Workshop



Learning how to use Restorative Way’s S.H.A.R.E. structured-conversation process, and S.H.I.F.T. trauma-responsive conversation technique, to address and overcome the challenges of (Re)Open-ing school with the issues of the COVID-19 pandemic still of concern.

Expected Impact

The solution has been implemented at the Waldorf School Roaring Fork, Carbondale CO, with evidence of greater community connection, collaborative teaching, learning and leadership in faculty and student body, as well as better wellbeing outcomes for the entire school community.

The solution has successfully addressed multiple areas of inclusion and equity including bullying and gender transition.

Adopt & Adapt

Restorative Way is initiating restorative practices in a number of different contexts. Education being just one. The COVID-19 Back-to-School Workshop was developed specifically to address how to work through the challenges arising from the pandemic. It includes online learning modules, lesson plans and online group coaching. The course runs over 6 weeks with the possibility of implementing strategies into the classroom after week 1.

The curricula is close aligned to requirements for social-emotional development, inclusion and diversity policies.

Restorative Way is intent on scaling its practices a widely as possible at the lowest cost, because they are a way to assist people to create Safe and Just environments be that a home, or school or work. This solution has been designed for schools to implement themselves and develop their own Safe and Just culture.

Restorative Way believes that everyone wants safety and justice and has seen its practices cross-pollinate environments from school to home and family to workplace.

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