ClassCalc is the calculator app with a built-in lockdown browser that lets teachers lock students out of all outside distractions such as instagram, calls and texts, keeping students focused in class, and preventing cheating on tests (even remotely). In the post-covid world, as students return back to schools, many in hybrid settings, teachers and administrators will need better technological solutions that 1) Manage phone usage in schools and 2) Allow for adaptable educational tools that can be used by students, whether at home or in class.

Historically, students were forced to buy $120 TI calculators that have outdated technology and causes inequity. With ClassCalc, students have a powerful graphing calculator that goes with them, whether at school, or at home. Furthermore, ClassCalc allows teachers to limit students’ ability to access other apps, such as Instagram and TikTok, during class, keeping students focused, and helping them succeed. As a final note, sharing TI calculators in a post-covid world is yet another transmission vector for germs, and ClassCalc is a powerful way to subvert that outcome.

Expected Impact

As of today, ClassCalc has 100,000 downloads on the app store/Play store, and has impacted thousands of classrooms, ranging from middle school to college. Based on survey feedback, ClassCalc, on average, improved test scores by 7%.

When Covid hit, millions of students had to start learning remotely, and could not take their school-owned calculators home with them. ClassCalc stepped in, and offered its solution for free to all, saving students millions of dollars, and saving teachers immense headaches.

Adopt & Adapt

ClassCalc runs on any mobile device, as well as Chromebooks. Between the two devices, we have 100% penetration potential. Furthermore, ClassCalc is common-core aligned, as well as NGSS, providing all the tools a student will need to succeed. Our business model is to offer the calculator itself for free, to all, and charge a $12/year fee for using the test-mode/lockdown feature.

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