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QriosityNet.com is the premiere social professional platform for students entering the early stage of professional development in the world. Students do not view Linkedin as a meaningful platform to help them grow professional contacts, access internships and co-ops seamlessly, while safely networking and sharing information about experiences and aspirations. COVID19 has made it even more difficult for students to cut through the noise of flashy marketing messages from universities vying to attract students as enrollment funding declines.

QriosityNet is an equitable and sustainable solution for connecting students, teachers and institutions and a safe collaborative space for students to seek guidance. It is FREE for students and has a small monthly subscription fee for institutions and corporate organizations. It is optimized for use on any smartphone, mobile device and computer even on slow internet speeds. The profile setup is seamless and easy-to-navigate.

Its about offering a joyful and meaningful student experience by exposing prospective university students and those taking the vocational path, to a variety of options at each stage of their student life and professional journey. QriosityNet does this and more.

On the flip-side the school boards and districts along with institutions (community colleges & universities) and youth organizations offer their services on QriosityNet. They use the AI features of QriosityNet to handpick their future students and workforce, provide recommendations and placement services, 60% more efficiently by saving time and cost.

It’s about all stakeholders coming together on a single platform which has the potential to become the standard at the state/regional/national levels. 

Students connect with peers, mentors and experts by joining relevant groups/micro-communities that keep them productively engaged by helping them voice their concerns, seek help and guidance on for instance mental health and wellbeing, careers, interviews etc. The community and social collaboration are at the heart of QriosityNet and so it guides the youth on admissions, scholarships, internships, apprenticeships, jobs and emerging careers aligned with their skills – all in one place!

Expected Impact

  1. Create digital personal professional portfolios showcasing academic (transcripts), non-academic (certificates), interests, skills & aspirations in a single, searchable place

  2. Match in real-time to scholarship & admission opportunities around the world seamlessly & easily

  3. Develop growing professional social network rooted in safe social interaction to build community, common interests & collective action across the globe

  4. Offer chance to gain critical work experience from internships, co-ops and jobs from vetted global employers.

  5. Students/GenZ love to be part of communities and that is what inspires the use of QriosityNet. There are many websites/portals that are one-to-one platforms whereas QriosityNet is a collaborative community providing the opportunity of meaningful dialog and connection during pandemic, recovery and post pandemic phases.
  6. It is also a platform that will serve all stakeholders in the Education space equally.
  7. Schools, school boards/districts and institutions benefit from automation features now and in the long-run.
  8. Frees parents from the worry of guiding their children in terms of their career and worrying about experiences that their children are missing out during the pandemic. Parents have been forced to assume the roles of teachers, counsellors , coaches and experts.

Adopt & Adapt

A free, global and easy to use technology platform, available to any student, located anywhere in the world.

No special technology needed by school boards, schools or classrooms to onboard students wanting to be part of QriosityNet.

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