Every class in every school should be matched up with another class of the same age from a different community. These classes will be class pals! (a shoot-off of the penpal idea). The class will have a monthly program via a large Zoom meeting. Being that Zoom is widely used, the students will have an easy time logging in and joining the class. These monthly programs will have each class present something about their culture and practices. Each class will learn from others and their diverse lifestyles. Additionally, different contests, spelling bees, and the likes will be played with the other class. This will allow friendships and respect to form between the two classes that are from completely different communities. Additionally, the teachers will be able to collaborate and learn from each other, being that they teach the same grade. Students will also collaborate with their classmates and class pals, creating a  great environment in the classroom.

Expected Impact

The impact can be great. It allows students to connect with other students from different communities in a fun environment. these monthly meetings will be the highlight of their month, and the connecting will be a fun experience for them. Students will learn about other communities in an engaging manner, teaching them to be less judgemental than people who are different than them.

Adopt & Adapt

Schools need someone to make the connections for the other class. The resources necessary are a large screen and internet access. ( or each student can have their own tablet, if possible). In schools that are not in areas that Covid is such a threat, they can meet in person if possible). It will enhance student’s curriculum by teaching them about diversity.

Schools can also adopt this idea, and have a regular ed class connect via Zoom with a special ed class. This leads to great learning moments, as well as teaching diversity.

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