VR therapies and training for adjusting to reopening.



Access! Access! Access! We provide the most accessible model for therapy in addressing the mental health crises from the pandemic. Families face significant economic challenges and access to mental health therapies are usually out of reach, we are changing that with our model. Our therapies are free and downloaded to your mobile phone, using our headset or any VR cardboard headset, you are able to access therapies. Studio Bahia’s therapies address anxiety, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, pain management, natural and man-made disaster, refugee, temporal recalibration for autism, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, strabismus and amblyopia, and include narrative exposure therapy, solution focused therapy, EMDR, and others. www.studiobahia.org

Expected Impact

Our journey began with finding a way to provide therapy to children in crises at refugee camps. Our search for a way to reach the children had us innovate and create a new model for providing psychological therapies to vulnerable populations. We created a new branch of phenomenological psychology which makes use of the immersive qualities in virtual reality to produce outcomes similar to or better than traditional psychology. Our therapies are developed using the findings of research institutions and universities around the world.

Adopt & Adapt

We distribute our VR cases to vulnerable populations in refugee camps, nurses unions, and disaster regions, we would distribute to teachers who are under heightened stress and anxiety, to parents and to students. Our therapies are developed using the findings of research institutions and universities around the world, we have many therapies which can be incorporated in the curricula and which can expand conversations on a variety of subjects. Our VR cases have headsets which can also be used to incorporate VR material such as history, civics, astronomy, science in the classroom.

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